New Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church
Saturday, June 15, 2024
A Family of Encouragers

Church Contacts

Dexter O. Rowland
Administrative Assistant
Michelle Carter
Slate of Officers  
Board of Directors    
Hyman Bell    
Fred Williams    
Lillie Davis    
Bobby Johnson    
Rozie Smith    
James Brown    
Michelle McMillan    
Teeda Daniels    
Leatrice Dooley    
James Stamps    
Members at Large:    
Priscilla Burns    
Albert Irvin    
Sunday School    
Robert Carter Superintendent  
Rev. Dixson Asst. Superintendent  
Ann Whitehead Asst. Superintendent  
Church Council    
Leatrice Dooley
Vice President
 Ketra Smith
 Church Statistician
Church Finance    
Michelle McMillan  Treasurer  
Edward Robinson  Asst. Treasurer  
Talkoy Peoples  Asst. Treasurer  
Trustee Board    
Bobby Johnson Chairman  
Byron Abrams Asst. Chairman  
Gary McWhorter    
Gloria Thomas    
Mary Gay    
Patsy Jefferson    
Rosa Beard    
Steve Jackson    
Yvette Stevenson    
Treasurer  Sam Mays     * (Non voting member)  
Deacon Ministry    
Dea. Hyman Bell Co-chairman  
Dea. Fred Williams Co-chairman  
Personnel Committee  
Teeda Daniel  Sharon Anthony  
Rozie Smith  Cassandra Sanders  
James Brown    
Ministry Leaders -  
Arts Ministry Jackie Kendricks Ministry Leader
   Arts Ministry Precious Cooper Ministry Assistant
   Dance Ministry Jerolynn Hood Coordinator
   Dance Ministry Tyler Bell Coordinator
   Drama Ministry Gretser Rush Coordinator
   Visual Arts Rose Brown Coordinator
   Visual Arts Linda Crook Coordinator
Church Clerk Ministry Gloria Martin Church Clerk
  Yolette & Alix Bonhemme Asst. Church Clerks
Communication & Public Relations Sheilah Butler Coordinator
Couples Ministry Jerome and Lavern Anderson Co-chairs
  Jonathan and Tachika Parks Co-chairs
  Min. Jerry and Sandra Latimer Co-chairs
Courtesy Guild Ministry KeAndria Foreman Co-chairperson
  Albert Irvin Co-chairperson
  Mary Jones Secretary
Deacon Ministry Fred Williams Co-chairman
  Hyman Bell Co-chairman
  Charles Williams Secretary
Deaconess Ministry VACANT Co-chairwoman
  VACANT Co-chairwoman
Evangelism Ministry Rev. Louis McQueen Co-coordinator
  Minister Joe Williams Co-coordinator
Finance Ministry Michelle McMillan Treasurer
  Edward Robinson Assistant Treasurer
  Talkoy Peoples Assistant Treasurer
  Ruby Wood Finance Secretary
Hands of Praise Ministry Leatrice Dooley Co-chairwoman
  Shawn Jones Co-chairwoman
Media Ministry Hyman Bell Co-coordinator
  Kenneth Tompkins Co-coordinator
Men's Ministry Keith DeBowles Co-chairman
  Chris Collier Co-chairman
  Rev. Louis McQueen Advisor
Mentoring Ministry Georgia Traylor Coordinator
Mission Ministry Rose Brown Coordinator
Mother's Ministry Mother Essie Martin Coordinator
Music Ministry Michael Scholfield President
  Janice Kelsey Vice President
  Jackie Gardner Secretary
New Members Ministry Charles Williams Co-coordinator
Clarence Davis
  Ketra Smith Secretary
Nurses Ministry Mary Irvin Co-Chairwoman
  Ingrid Williams Co-Chairwoman
  Ruby Allison Secretary
Outreach Ministry Mary Gay Coordinator
Pastor's Aide Ministry Sylvester Lindsey Co-chairman
  Doris Jackson Co-chairwoman
Prayer Warrior Ministry
Tina Backus
  Ketra Smith Secretary
Prison Ministry Gregory Wilson Coordinator
  Timothy Jones Coordinator
Senior's Ministry Elder Lula Levy Lead Coordinator
  Matthew & Gwendolyn White Co-coordinators
Singles Ministry Paula Claritt Co-chairperson
  Yvonne McMillian Co-chairperson
Stephen Ministry Brigitte Williams Co-Coordinator
  VACANT Co-coordinator
  Deacon Peoples Financial Secretary
  Deborah Bailey Recording Secretary
Substance Abuse Ministry/SAFE HOUSE Minister Johnnie Horne Co-coordinator
  Minister Jerry Latimer Co-coordinator
Sunday School Ministry Robert Carter, Jr. Superintendent
  Rev. Dixon Asst. Superintendent
Ann Whitehead
Asst. Superintendent
  Ketra Smith Recording Secretary
   VBS Janice Crosby Co-coordinator
   VBS Paula Hill Co-coordinator
Trustee Ministry Bobby Johnson Chairpersom
  Steven Jackson Vice-chair
  Rosa Beard Secretary
    Transportation Ministry Gloria Thomas Coordinator
Usher's Ministry Linda Crook President
  Bessie DeBowles Vice President
  Bridgette Gibby Vice President
  Nellie Johnson Vice President
Veterans Ministry Robert Carter, Jr. Co-coordinator
Women's Ministry Minister Barbara Thomas Coordinator
  Mary Gay Anchor Coordinator
  Evangelist Carolyn Coleman Senior Advisor
Young Adult Ministry Jerrica Sharkey Coordinator
  VACANT Advisor
Youth Ministry Minister Cheryl Fitch Youth Pastor
  Minister Tamera Bradley Youth Minister
   Youth Sports Lorenzo Dickerson Coordinator
   Back-to-School Bash James Brown Coordinator
   Nursery VACANT  
   Cheerleaders Yvette Stevenson Coordinator
   Tutoring Janice Crosby Coordinator